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We meet the unique palliative care needs of newborns, children, youth and their families. We lead by advocating, by advancing clinical care and family support, and by learning through research and sharing knowledge.

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Connor's Story

Connor the “little warrior” visited Roger Neilson House on numerous occasions. He was a very energetic and happy little boy.

Mathew and Rachel's Story

Two endearing siblings affected by the same genetic disorder. Parents share their family story.

Penelope's Story

Roger Neilson House was a place of solace, a second home for Penelope.



“An amazing legacy for a wonderful cause. What a wonderful place for families to find comfort and loving care for their precious children. We are in awe of all you do.”



Volunteers have dedicated over 153,000 hours to create a home for families. Find out how you can help too.


Health Professionals

16,000 days of care have been provided to children since opening in 2006. Enter this area if you’d like to find out more about our team or employment opportunities.


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