Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have witnessed massive changes to our daily lives, our work and the choices that we make for ourselves and our families. Things we have always cherished have become even more precious, and while this time has been one of uncertainty, it has also been one of regeneration and heightened focus on what makes life truly special.

The mission of Roger Neilson House is deeply rooted in the idea that by embracing the beauty and dignity of each life, and celebrating the special moments each day, we can create a more generous and humane world that prioritizes kindness, compassion, laughter and a love for children. This vision reflects our values, and our donors help us bring that vision to life.

In the early days of the pandemic staff were working very hard to ensure that clinical care continued, that support for those grieving was available and that end-of-life plans were carried out as loved ones wished. Without knowing how the situation would evolve, the guiding principles of Roger Neilson House and the generosity of people in our community helped staff to continue delivering expert care and we are confident that our standards never wavered.

What we did not know during those tumultuous early days was that the challenge…To read the full report, click HERE.