Sibling Bereavement Group

For a child, the loss of a sibling can be a very confusing and isolating event. Their experience of grief can leave them with many unanswered questions, and the feeling of being different than their peers. Our Sibling Bereavement Group is a chance for children ages 4-12 to make friends with other children who have experienced similar losses. Their new found friendships along with fun and educational activities run by the recreation therapists reduce feelings of isolation and teach skills to help children cope with their grief.

Themes touched on in groups include:

  • Telling their sibling’s story
  • Identifying and coping with emotions
  • Remembering their sibling
  • Changes at home and at school
  • Dealing with stress and worries
  • Funerals and ceremonies
  • Building self-esteem

If you know of a child who has experienced the death of a sibling, and you think they might benefit from this group, please contact Roger Neilson House.