Our Team



Executive Director

Medical Director

Megan Wright
The Executive Director is responsible for leading all aspects of the operations of Roger Neilson House.
Megan Wright Headshot
Dr. Bill Splinter
The Medical Director leads the physician team and collaborates in implementing programs with other clinical staff members.
Helen Yoxon Headshot


Senior Administrative Assistant

Helen Yoxon
The Manager works with the multidisciplinary team to develop, create, and monitor various programs.
Sonja Marshall Headshot
Sonja Marshall
The Senior Administrative Assistant provides clerical and administrative support at Roger Neilson House.
Helen Yoxon Headshot

Manager of Community Engagement and Volunteer Relations

Volunteer Services Administrative Assistant

Bruno Perrier
Volunteer Services staff are responsible for volunteers’ involvement in day-to-day activities and guest interactions at Roger Neilson House. Their roles include recruitment, screening, training, support to, and evaluation of Roger Neilson House volunteers. They liaise between staff, volunteers, guests and families to optimize volunteer services.
Carol Chevalier Headshot
Jennifer Wilson
Roger Neilson House Staff

Roger Neilson House delivers palliative care services with a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists and support staff working together with the entire family in mind.