This situation has outright shocked our community.

Access to Roger Neilson House is given to families who find themselves needing our programs and services (including bereavement support) or at the discretion of other families in our care.  It is a secure locked facility, not open to the general public.

To think that a member of our own tight-knit community could betray the trust of another family or families is nothing short of unimaginable. It’s devastating.

We are taking every measure to support and ensure the welfare of our current and former clients, as well as our staff and volunteers who are also very shaken by this situation.

To be clear: we cannot comment on specifics of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Roger Neilson House is a hospice, a place that cares for children who are dying. Some of these children live much longer than predicted and receive services intermittently for months or years. We do everything possible to support families during their journey, including creating a homelike environment that brings families together and encourages collaboration amongst them – especially in tough times.


Megan Wright
Executive Director, Roger Neilson House

Les Bell
Chair, Board of Directors, Roger Neilson House